Effects of Bioactive Collagen Peptides

It has been widely recognized that our health and physiology profit from several proteins and peptides derived from food [Rutherfurd-Marvick 2012]. Some proteins in our food have a direct effect, but the individual peptides they contain also largely influence their bioactivity. Within the body, peptides result from the digestion of protein-rich food. During manufacture, they are obtained from fermentation or enzymatic hydrolysis of the starting material. Once ingested into the body, these peptide products are further modulated by digestion processes.

That is why statements about peptide effects observed in cell cultures are not readily transferable to the living organism [Rutherfurd-Marvick 2012]. Many effects have been attributed to Bioactive Collagen Peptides, e.g., some products lower blood pressure, others have antioxidant, immunomodulatory, or lipid-lowering effects, or are beneficial to the skin, muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons, or bones [Gòmez-Guillén 2011]. Their potential in human and animal health is an important subject of current research.

Collagen and elastin contain hydroxyproline, which is a very special amino acid that only exists in those two components of the connective tissue. Hydroxyproline results from hydroxylation reactions within the collagen molecule and is crucial for the stability of the triple helix. Hydroxyproline-containing peptides seem to be relevant for several beneficial effects of collagen hydrolysates. In a study of healthy volunteers, it was found that the ingestion of collagen hydrolysates increased the amount of free hydroxyproline and peptides involving hydroxyproline in a dose-dependent manner in the blood, although striking differences were found between individuals [Shigemura et al. 2014]. Theses variations in the composition of blood peptides were also found during long-term intake of collagen hydrolysates [Shigemura et al. 2017]. This could be the reason why many people react differently to collagen hydrolysates, and why beneficial effects are observed only after a latency period. It is therefore important to take bioactive collagen peptides (e.g. Collagile pet) daily for several weeks, especially during the initial period of application.

Overview of different chapters on the effects of Bioactive Collagen Peptides (e.g. Collagile pet):


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Wound healing

Last update: October 2022